Be Home for You

how could you be home
for someone
if you could not be home
for your own
you expect a lover,
someone willing
to love you anyway
while you do not love yourself
the one you will for sure
spend the rest of your life with
love yourself
so people know how to love you
respect yourself
so people know how to respect you
how you treat yourself
is a way to show people
how to treat you
if you do not want to live
with yourself
who will?


Midnight Fight

12.27 am
i was lying on my bed
trying hard to sleep, then
i was startled of sounds
outside my room
i heard a woman,
couldn’t tell whether
she was a mother
a wife, or just a brokenhearted soul
yelling, cursing, in rage
a baby cried in hunger
or just scared
i couldn’t tell exactly
a man on a motorcycle
following them behind
begging her to stop
trying to calm her down
as i could hear
though those all happened in seconds
pain spilled into my room
i was wondering, what had happened
to that dear little family
i didn’t see them
but i could feel a great pain
in my chest
I couldn’t sleep that night
Hope they are doing fine now


Negative Thought

the bad thing about

negative thought is

we can always make

bad, even worse

scenario in our head

why don’t we all

for once

try to think

the otherwise

and start to believe

we can make it

but i know

it will never be

as easy as it said


Ocean Within

“see deeper inside


to know who we are,”

they said

there is an ocean

within me

if who i am

is down bellow there

inside an opened

treasure chest

covered by sand and mosses

of the sea

then it only takes my ability

of holding my breath

under the water

to figure out

the soul my body carrying

but you know what


i don’t know

how to swim


What They Say

the things that seem small

those few words they said

which they never realized

could sink so deep into

your mind

the longer you tried to ignore it

the harder it came back to hit you

it’s bounced

You cried yourself to sleep

you promised yourself that night

that you would be alright

when the night out

but it was not as simple as that

the whole day

you ended up

wondering why

some people are so mean

to each other instead


About Time

i feel like

the time is running too fast

it’s starting to scared me

what if i die

not knowing

there are more than my current life

to live

i wish somebody

would tell me if this life

worth it

for me to try harder